How Landscape Can Increase A Homes Value

In today’s economic climate, it is important to increase the value of your home if you are trying to sell so that you can get the most from it possible. One of the easiest ways to increase your home’s value is to work on your landscaping. While pictures of the inside of your home may be available to buyers online, a beautiful yard is the first thing your prospective buyers will see when they pull up to view the house in person.  Shade trees are a great way to increase value and save energy costs. If you aren’t planning to sell soon, or even if you think you may never sell, trees can cut your cooling costs dramatically when they are fully mature. Plant now so that when you are ready to sell, your lovely, mature shade trees will be a huge selling point. Adding some low-maintenance, drought resistant native plants are a great way to add curb-appeal with very little effort or maintenance required. Another important thing to do is to clean up your yard. If the grass is untended and long or sparse and brown, either way, the curb appeal is lost. Overgrown bushes, dead plants, or other eyesores are easily fixable and when properly cared for, add a welcoming touch to your home. read more

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