Fun Ways I Teach My Kids About Hard Work

When you grow up poor like I did, you learn a few lessons in life. As a Latino male, I watched my family work day in and day out to provide food and shelter for my family. When I began a family of my own, I wanted to teach my children the values I learned, such as being frugal and a strong work ethic. But how do I do this?

At first, it was hard for me to figure out how to teach my children hard work. As a child, I lived very poorly, so I wanted a better life for my children. I gave them everything and as they grew from toddlers to young children, I felt they were not as appreciative as they should be. I had to think of unique yet fun ways to teach them how to work hard. read more

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My Favorite Things To Do In Arizona

I love living in Arizona. The Latino culture is rich, with activities for everyone to enjoy. I love taking my family to Flagstaff to take part in local attractions as well as travel throughout the state exploring the various outdoor recreational activities, unique museums and more. Below are a few of my favorite picks for enjoying Arizona.

Alpine Pedaler
The best way to see downtown Flagstaff is to take a tour via the Alpine Pedaler. The unique 14 passenger pedal trolley is powered by you and offers you a way to see the city. Take the 6 rider CRAB bike to take a pub crawl or tour of local restaurants. read more

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Why It’s Important For Our Kids to Find Lifelong Hobbies

When I was a boy, it seemed that every kid in my neighborhood had a hobby of some kind. The boy next door liked to collect and trade baseball cards, my friend down the street liked to collect and identify rocks, and I liked to work in my family’s yard, trimming hedges, tending to plants and flowers, and keeping the grass looking green and lush. It seems that today, a lot of kids have “hobbies” such as watching TV, playing video games, or updating their Facebook status.

I think this is a huge disservice to our kids. They need to have hobbies for many reasons, not the least of which is to develop self-esteem based on achievement, rather than just because they are alive, which seems to be the trend today.  Self-esteem based on the child’s achievements is a much more sturdy and long-lasting self-worth that endures. Building up a child based on little more than the fact that they exist is not substantial, it does not last. Giving every child a trophy is not a substantive way to grow self-esteem. Having a hobby that you work on, make goals toward, and achieve those goals is a fundamental way to earn strong self-esteem for life. To develop a hobby takes initiative, drive, and stick-to-itiveness that is important for many aspects of an adult’s life. When a child develops these qualities with their hobby, it will transfer to a career, their relationships, and their future goals. Having a hobby keeps kids interested in lifelong learning, whether they realize they are learning or not!  When you have a hobby, you have something in your life that drives you to improve yourself, to keep learning, and to strive for excellence. read more

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Growing Up in a poor Latin Family in Arizona

As a young Latino guy, I grew up in a traditional Latin family. We had little money and had to learn how to be smart with money.  From an early age, I watched as my parents worked very hard to have very little. The cost of living was too high in Arizona as my parents did all they could to provide for me. It is interesting to look back in my life now, as I was always happy. I never understood the money struggle fully as I was always provided for.

Of course, I would see friends with cool gadgets and eventually cars, when I did not have these things. As an adult, it made me want to do better, so I could provide for myself as well as an eventual family. I want to have the finer things in life, but because of the way I was raised, I also want to do this on a budget. read more

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