My Favorite Things To Do In Arizona

I love living in Arizona. The Latino culture is rich, with activities for everyone to enjoy. I love taking my family to Flagstaff to take part in local attractions as well as travel throughout the state exploring the various outdoor recreational activities, unique museums and more. Below are a few of my favorite picks for enjoying Arizona.

Alpine Pedaler
The best way to see downtown Flagstaff is to take a tour via the Alpine Pedaler. The unique 14 passenger pedal trolley is powered by you and offers you a way to see the city. Take the 6 rider CRAB bike to take a pub crawl or tour of local restaurants.

Pioneer Museum
Located in Flagstaff, the Pioneer Museum is operated by the Arizona Historical Society and is located in the County Hospital building from 1908. The unique museum displays items from the history of Flagstaff as well as the northern portion of the state. Take part in local events, festivals and living history demos when you visit the museum.

Lowell Observatory
Take a look at the night sky in Arizona by visiting the Lowell Observatory. Look in the large telescope at night or view the world through the solar telescope during the day time hours. Guides take you on a journey into space, with shows, live presentations and exhibits.

Scenic Chairlift Ride
One of the favorite attractions in Flagstaff is the Scenic Chairlift Ride. Take an open chair ride over Arizona taking in the dramatic scenery. The tour of the Arizona Snowbowl will take you to the top of an extinct volcano, exactly 11,500 feet above ground. Go on an interpretive talk, take a hike or play disc golf at the top. You can enjoy lunch while walking along the Snowbowl, touring historic lodges or attending special events.

National Monuments
In the Flagstaff area, there are also national monuments available for touring. Created after eruptions 900 years ago, the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument is a must-see. The visitor center gives you an inside look as to how the eruption took place and what happened after. The Wupatki National Monument is a second national treasure of Arizona, offering you a unique look at 800 year old pueblos that are dotted along the landscape. Learn from the Visitor Center as to how individuals lived in the pueblos and survived by trading, gathering, hunting and farming.

Arizona Sonoran Desert
Travel outside of Flagstaff to enjoy even more great Arizona attractions. The Sonaran Desert is a lovely place to enjoy the outdoors, with such attractions as the Desert Botanical Gardens, Saguaro National Park and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

The Grand Canyon
Perhaps one of the most well-known attractions in the state is the Grand Canyon. You can look upon ancient cliffs, enjoying the beauty of the world by touring the Grand Canyon. Take a unique look at the canyon by going on a rafting tour, offering a little excitement and adventure as you explore Arizona.

Professional Sporting Events
Are you a sports fan? Why not enjoy a professional sporting event while in Arizona? The state is home to NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB teams, so you can find a sport to enjoy no matter when you visit. Football fans will enjoy the Arizona Cardinals games while baseball fans will want to see the Diamondbacks in action. Basketball fans will love to see the Phoenix Suns in action during the NBA season.

These are just a few of the great attractions and activities you will find when visiting Arizona. I absolutely love it here and hope everyone gets to enjoy the beauty and excitement that only Arizona can provide.