About Me


  • Self Proclaimed Landscape Master (my wife would argue that)
  • Successful In A Personal Sense (what does that even mean?)
  • Takes Life Day By Day With A Smile (I should take myself more serious)


  • Sharing My Personal Success (to help others who are in situations I once was in)
  • Spread My Ego Surrounding My Hobbies (landscape “master” and “designer”)
  • Getting A Life (I work too much)

The name is William Castillo and this is my blog, William Castillo. I know, so creative.


I found success with hard work and pretending to be something I wasn’t. I didn’t go to college, barely passed high school, but was a dreamer. You could say what I do now wasn’t really reaching for the stars.. But I am doing something I am passionate about, so don’t hate. I do landscape. It isn’t the fanciest designs around, but I can turn brown to green okay! And I’m not just talking about grass, I’m also talking about mula, dineros, stacks on stacks people. Alright alright, I’m not the richest man in town, but I make comfortable living.


I remember the struggle, always asking myself “Should I have went to college??”. I’m proud to say that it is possible to get what you aim for. With hard work, passion, and determination, I made it happen. And if I can do it, then I know anyone could do it. So take gander, connect with me as I share my humor and lessons on this green green oh so green life of mine.